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Pinkyy134 a posted Nov 24, 15

Hey guys,

I know things have been pretty quiet lately, I would like to take some time to explain.

I'm sure everyone can understand that real-life work has to come first. If it didn't, I wouldn't be able to play at all! The past few weeks at my work has been incredibly crazy, I've been putting in a lot of hours and have been simply too tired to do anything other than work and the occasional check-in to make sure things are ok in game.

Unfortunately, Razz has decided to leave us. This is due to the fact that our ops hasn't started yet. I believe he has found himself a new guild that provides for him in this area and I personally, hope he is happy and wish him well. It was lovely getting to know him, and both Khiba and I are sad to see him go, but we understand when people have to move on.

When it comes to ops, I am still keen to get a team together. It is, however, incredibly difficult getting any organisation to this when people who are interested don't let us know when they are available and when they are geared up and ready! 

With this in mind, I have decided to hold off on ops until the new year now. This is due mainly to the fact that I myself simply do not have the time to be putting into the game at the moment. I work in a kitchen in a restaurant and with the christmas period upon us things are only going to be getting busier until January.

If people are that desperate for ops that they cannot wait, I welcome you guys to get together the team yourself and play without Khiba and I until January. Everyone is welcome to use this website for organising any events you would like to do.

While we obviously do not encourage it, as we would regret the loss of any of you, if you feel you need to follow in Razz' shoes and leave us for a guild better suited to your needs, we do understand. But please say goodbye!

Finally, I must apologise for my absence. While I feel, as I have said, that I have had to concentrate my priorities on work, this does not mean that I don't think about you guys. I swear I have been trying to get online as often as I can. Come the new year I am hoping I will be able to focus a bit more on getting back to playing!

Please do not hesitate to contact me, either through this website, or through in-game mail and chat with any queries and ideas.

Thanks for reading guys,

May the force be with you.

Ops Draft Pools

AzureNebula a posted Nov 6, 15

Ops Draft

Here is the pool of people in each role, who have shown interest in Ops and have reached level 65.
For 8 man, as most will know, we need 2 healers, 2 tanks and 4 damage.
See each role pool below for players and their Ops characters.

Positions in the pools have no relation as to being in the Team.

Green means the character they are bringing to Ops is geared, ready and waiting on the rest of us.
Red means that I am not aware that you are geared yet.
Minimum gear rating is 208 on all pieces and fully augmented.
For gearing help please see Razz's post here:

Beneath each player I have written their availability for days to do Ops.
If any information is missing for yourself, please send me a mail in-game, or on the website so it can be updated.
Any questions regarding any of this, please do not hesitate to pop me a message either.


Skilwar (Wargana - Juggernaut)
Availability Unknown

AzureNebula (Khiba - Mercenary)
Weekdays from 5pm UTC

Tredka (Rexart - Juggernaut)
Availability Unknown

Etherev (Etherev - Marauder)
Availability Unknown
Pinkyy (Lithkar - Sorceror)
Monday - Wednesday from 5pm UTC
Sheovan (Sheovan - Mercenary)
Availability Unknown
Kitticat (Kitticat - Marauder)
Availability Unknown
Netrazill (Revvein - Marauder)
Availability Unknown


Pinkyy134 a posted Oct 18, 15

Calling all Stormborn!

There are some important changes that have been and will be implemented. Here is a quick rundown.

Rank system

Our rank system has changed quite dramatically, which is why some of you will find yourselves at different levels than before. Here is a quick rundown, just so you all can understand.


This is for newbies, people we don't know and haven't been with us long.


Those of you who have kept active, signed up to the site, chatted to your guildmates etc., will qualify for this rank. A starting point for people who are commited to our guild, you are officially one of us.

Honour Guard

These will be very active members, those who have shown they are determined and commited to improving our guild and making the game an experience we can all enjoy together.

As well as this, to incorporate the people who are interested in ops, this rank will be given to those who will be gearing up to join us for ops. Mor information on ops can be found here.

Knights Watch

Ops teams. This rank is reserved for those who are ready and willing to take part in ops. Gear requirements for ops will be decided during the new expansion.

Small Council

Officers. Simple enough. These are the people who will be there to help out, offer advice and aid you in your mission to conquer the galaxy. Any questions, if I am unavailable, should be directed to these individuals.

Throne Warmer

That would be me, Lithkar is my main character, my alts are officers. Between myself and my officers, we work together to improve the SWtOR experience for us all.

Mumble and Meetings

This is a link to the post about mumble, for those of you who don't know. It will allow you to download and start chatting with us in no time. Mumble is a great way for us to interact as a guild without having to stop gameplay to type in chat. A few of us have started chatting here, and would love for others to join us. If you intend to start doing ops with us, throughout the period of gearing as well as the actual events, we will require the use of mumble from our players. It is just easier to communicate this way. If anyone needs any help or gets stuck setting this up, /w me (Lithkar) or Khiba in game, and we will try to help you out.

We will be starting weekly meetings once the new expansion is released, which will require mumble. Everyone is welcome to join these meetings, and they will cover any issues people are having, any ideas for the guild, and any other things we may need to discuss at that time. Closer to the time, I will announce the time and day of the first meeting.

Just to underline my point, mumble is not a requirement for conscripts and enforcers, though it is always nice to chat with people, honour guard really should be using mumble, and knights watch must be using it.


Recruitment has changed too. It is no longer possible for just anyone to recruit. This has changed mainly so that we, as officers, have more control over who is welcomed to our community, we can make sure no one is just joining for the sake of it or to leach off of us. I will be creating a standard recruitment message for officer use in due time, so officers, keep an eye out.

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date, I hope you're all as excited as I am for the new expansion and the future of our guild.


Important Information

Pinkyy134 a posted Sep 29, 15

Hi guys

To start, I would like to point out the importance of communication! While it isn't necessary to converse with each other in chat if you don't feel comfortable doing so, but it is always nice to see people chatting and to have conversations with you all. Get to know your guild buddies! Help each other out, do group activities such as flashpoints, pvp, or even just levelling with each other if you are only interested in pve and are similar levels. It's always more fun to grind levelling if you've got someone to chat with while you're doing so, don't you agree?

I understand some people in the guild were hoping to do ops and such, but if we don't have communication on when to do these things we're never going to get started! Sign up to this site, make a forum post, and lets arrange something! When our new site is up and running there will be a calendar on which we can arrange these things, but while we are all waiting patienly for Khiba to build a site from scratch for us to use, we can still communicate here!

Flagship. The funds for the flagship are growing, although it is slow going at the moment. Grinding dailies every day gets a bit tedious, so while Ethamard and I try to do as many as we can so we are able to put as much into the 'flagship pot' as we can, it is obviously going to take a while. So thank you all for your continued patience in this, I hope you can all understand. If you feel like you would like to contribute, that would certainly speed the process up, or if you don't want to donate credits, we are going to need decorations so maybe you all could help there.

It is important to us to have you all involved in the guild as much as possible. Even if you only feel like you can chat to people, that goes a long way towards having a guild we can be proud of!

Thank you all for your patience while we straighten out kinks. I would like to say that those of you I have personally spoken to in game have been wonderful people, it is a genuine pleasure playing with you all, and I hope we can continue to grow and continue to enjoy being Stormborn!

Remember, peace is a lie.


AzureNebula a I'm getting there, I promise. Working as we speak =]
VectixFox Well said Lithkar, let's communicate more and get this guild growing!!

Welcome back stormborn!

Pinkyy134 a posted Aug 31, 15

I know its been a while, work has been hectic the last few months, but here we are, back again, hard at work trying to improve things and get us back on track.

There are a few things I'd like to point out:

1. Work on our new site has officially started, now that AzureNebula has the time (and a computer good enough) to knuckle down with it. He drew up some specifications for you all to look at, hoping for input from our members, we would love any suggestions you guys have, this guild is for you too, we want you to be happy with everything!

2. Don't forget we do now have a mumble server, and information on how to access it is here.

3. Recruitment! Recruitment is a vital part of keeping our guild alive. Everyone has the ability to invite people to the guild, so get inviting! We are a non-discriminatory guild, accepting all ages groups and subscriber status', our only stipulations are that we have active players who are friendly, chatty, and willing to help each other out when they can. We're not strict, but we want to have a great atmosphere, so people keep enjoying playing with us :)

4. We have a lot of new members, who are bound to have questions, we hope to answer as many (if not all) as possible. If there's something you want to know, feel free to start a forum thread, and someone will hopefully be able to answer your queries as quickly as possible.

5. Some information on our ranking system is available here. If you feel you qualify for a higher rank, let one of us know, my main character in game is Lithkar, AzureNebulas is Khiba. Any small council member will be able to help you out. Or, of course, leave a message on the Rank system thread with your in game character name and we will review it as soon as possible.

If there is anything else you can think of that we can do to improve your experience, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thanks for your patience.

May the force be with you.

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